1982      - Linford Detweiler enters school at Malone College
1984?      - Karin Bergquist enters school at Malone College
198?      - Sometime while at college, Linford meets fellow
                student and guitar player, Ric Hordinski
1987?      - Linford Detweiler plays piano for Karin's junior piano recital.
1987      - Linford Detweiler graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Performance.
                A semester later, he earns his degree in Music Education
1988      - Karin Bergquist graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Vocal Performance.
1988      - Linford and Ric tour with Brian Kelley in Owen and Sandie Brock's band, Servant
1988 -      Linford Detweiler, Brian Kelley, and Ric Hordinski session  
                 players in Nashville.
Aug 1988-   Journal Entry By Linford
late 1988?   - Linford Detweiler moves to his third-story apartment in 
                 Over-the-Rhine, Ohio.
Feb. 1989-   Linford Detweiler sees Karin Bergquist, a former
                schoolmate perform a classical duet in Italian at a recital and approaches her
                with the possibility of delving into pop music
April 1989-    Over The Rhine formed when Karin Bergquist joins Linford, Ric, 
                 and Brian to write "post-nuclear, pseudo-alternative, 
                 folk-tinged art-pop."
April 1989 -    First seven songs of _'Til We Have Faces_ recorded in Timothy 
                     McAllister's basement on 8 Track 
summer of 1990 - Rest of _'Til We Have Faces_ recorded in oversized Sunday 
                    School room in Oakley using Akai 12 (!) track recorder.
Sept 1990 -    OtR commences a long tradition of live performances by candlelight.
                First concert at Sudsy Malone's Rock and Roll Laundry & Bar.
9/2/1990     - First concert at Canal Street Tavern, Dayton, OH
Nov 1990 -    OtR is signed to a publishing deal by MCA music.
1990           - Review of 'Til We Have Faces
1991           - _'Til We Have Faces_ released.
March 1991   - Recording for _Patience_ begins in Linford's Apartment
3/1/1991     - Letter from Linford
3/8/1991     - University of Cincinnati
3/30/1991     - Sudsy Malone's
4/11/1991     - Sudsy Malone's
4/25/1991     - Sudsy Malone's
7/4/1991     - First performance at Cornerstone on New Band Stage
7/17/1991     - Karin and Ric open for Bob Dylan in Cleveland, OH
August 1991  - Recording for _Patience_ continues in Nashville.  
                  "Nimble-footed nights."
Sept 1991     - Letter from Linford
9/14/1991     - Ripley's, Cincinnati, OH
9/21/1991     - Sudsy Malone's
10/2/1991   - Broadcast on WVXU
10/30/1991     - Article in Cincinnati Enquirer
Nov 1991     - Letter from Linford
11/2/1991  - opening for Bob Dylan, Stephens Auditorium, Ames, IA
11/4/1991  - opening for Bob Dylan, McGraw Memorial Hall, Evanston, IL
11/5/1991  - opening for Bob Dylan, Dane County Expo Center, Madison, WI
11/6/1991  - opening for Bob Dylan, Morris Civic Auditorium, South Bend, IN
12/01/1991     - Everybody's News Article